IMAPPI – A new integrated PET-MRI system installed

Last step of the IMAPPI project (reference ANR-10-EQPX-05-01/IMAPPI Equipex), one of the first integrated PET-MRI system in Europe has just been installed on the Pharm’image preclinical imaging platform at the CGFL.

Started in 2012, IMAPPI program allowed to validate a first prototype of PET-MRI installed in parallel (2012-2014). Then an in-line system was developped (2014-2016), which results today in a real integrated system for which PET and MRI image acquisitions are acquired simultaneously. This new system is composed of a cryogen-free magnet with a 3 to 7 Tesla adjustable magnetic field and a last-generation SiPM (Silicon photomultipliers) detectors PET insert.

IMAPPI consortium combines expertises from MR Solutions, CGFL, Burgundy university molecular chemistry institute, Multidisciplinary laboratory Carnot de Bourgogne, Besançon UTINAM institute, Dijon teachnig hospital, Le2i, Welience, Oncodesign, NVH Medicinal and Chematech.

This multidisciplinary consortium also develops innovative molecular probes and biological experimental models to allow the early detection of tumors by PET-MRI.


PET-MRI, Equipex

PET-MRI, Equipex