Pharmacology platforms and expertise

ADN - Pharm'imageCreated in 2008 in Dijon, Pharm’image is a regional center of excellence in Pharmaco-imaging. Unique in France, it brings together hospitals, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical companies, to create an Economic Interest Group (EIG)..

Its aim is to deploy cutting-edge medical imaging technologies to evaluate biomarkers that can be used to track treatment efficacy and select the active and most promising drug candidates.

Novel therapies are converging towards precision medicine, for which pharmaco-imaging is indispensable to all players in the drug development cycle – from the pharmaceutical industry to clinicians – to ensure that the most appropriate treatments are being matched to the needs of the patient.

Pharm’image comprises a portfolio of functional and molecular imaging technologies (MRI, PET, SPECT, CT), ranging from small-animal scale for preclinical experimentation to clinical exploitation.

The nuclear imaging platform has ready access to cyclotron and radiochemistry laboratory to offer state-of-the-art radiolabeling technologies for small molecules, peptides or antibodies.
Our goal is to improve the efficiency and productivity in the research and development lifecycle of new drugs. The Pharm’image platform is open to scientific collaborations, or fee-for-service activities, for industry players and academic institutions alike.





Pharm’image presented at AACR2022 A poster on Lead Optimization on Radiopharmaceuticals has been presented by Oncodesign, ICMUB et Chematech Poster AACR2022-MRT-Oncodesign


EANM 2018 – Dusseldorf

Pharm’image will attend the annual meeting of the EANM. Dusseldorf, Germany, October 13-17, 2017. Meet us at the booth of our member, Chematech (#63). During this major congress, scientific e-posters and oral presentations will be presented on innovative R&D projects in which Pharm’image and its members are actively involved.